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Viola and Phillip at the Carneros Inn

Viola and Phillip had a book-themed wedding at the Carneros Inn (yes, I know 3 of the last 4 weddings I've posted have been at the Carneros-- no wonder, it's a gorgeous venue!)

Viola and Phillip are both designers so needless to say their wedding was incredibly creative and beautiful, thanks to their exquisite taste and also to their event designer Mary Mix.

Everything had a book theme-- they read their vows from a book:

There was also a "To Kill A Mockingbird" theme, with feathers in Viola's hair and on the bouquet.

And how cute are these menus?

I loved these horse chestnuts.

For party favors, everybody got a ceramic egg in a nest with a word on it. Every single one was different.

The dessert bar had all Indonesian sweets. This tower of cookies was very popular!

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