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Cassie + Brian at the Santa Lucia Preserve

Event Planner: Allison van Every
Venue and catering: Santa Lucia Preserve
Florist: Kim England
Makeup: Shawn Cavlan
Band: Tainted Love

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Emmanuel + Michelle at Murietta's Well

My fabulous associate Beth shot Emmanuel and Michelle's wedding at Murietta's Well in Livermore.
You can hire Beth through my studio to shoot your wedding.

The two bride and groom portraits below were taken by Beth's fabulous assistant Toni Bird!

Ring Bearer photo by Toni Bird!

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Dog Photo of the week: Slidell on Film

This week I busted out my widelux film camera!

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Mary + Diana at San Francisco City Hall

My dear friends Mary and Diana at City Hall. They got married on June 28th, the first day it was legal after the Supreme Court decision. They had set the date months before not knowing how the Supreme Court would decide. They simply picked June 28th because it was the six year anniversary of them being together, and they didn't want to have to remember one more anniversary date. They had a fabulous ceremony and party at a restaurant across the street from my house, and then in the middle of the party it was announced that same-sex weddings opened up at San Francisco City Hall. So we all jumped in cars and rushed down there. My wife Carla officiated, since she works for the city and had already been ordained to perform ceremonies. The best part was when Carla said "By the power vested in me by the State of California..." And everyone went crazy cheering and crying. It's great to be in love, and to make history.

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Tomoko + Vince Cornerstone Gardens Wedding

Tomoko and Vince came all the way from Pennsylvania for their destination wedding in Sonoma. Remember their engagement shoot in San Francisco?

Venue: Cornerstone Gardens
Wedding Planner: Very Merry Events
Flowers: Ahana Design
Makeup: Christal Caladiao
Catering: Park Avenue Catering
Dress: Jinza Couture
Lighting and A/V: Napa Valley Media

An aikido demonstration starring Tomoko's father.

And a violin duet starring Tomoko and her teacher!

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