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How to find a reasonably priced baby sitter in San Francisco


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Ann Murray Paige 1965 - 2014

My dear friend Ann died today of breast cancer. I took these photos exactly a year ago, March 16th.

Ann was a fighter. She was vibrant and passionate and strong. Anyone who knew her considered themselves lucky. I saw her two days ago and she was sleep talking in her own beautiful language, not making sense, but laughing. She was as light as a feather and could not walk unassisted but she still tried to climb over a chair to sit next to me and do a yoga pose. She died surrounded by friends and full of love. The same way she lived.

The last photo was taken two days ago.

Ann, I miss you so much.

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Graham and Miles!


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Baby Jack in the water!


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Dog photo of the week: Daisy the Beagle

Daisy the Beagle and her Beagle friend!

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