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Beaumont is one of the smartest babies I've met in a long time. She is also very serious. She was really interested in my camera!

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Links for everyone

I just came across these photos taken at the inauguration by photographer Andrew Cutraro. They are very simple photos of people standing and watching, and I found them very poignant. Thanks to my friend Josef Isayo for the link. Warning: the navigation may take a minute to figure out.

For those of you with kids, check out these cool clothes at Baby Wit. I buy presents there for my friends who are kids, and I have to admit that sometimes I buy stuff for myself, too.

My favorite video today.

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Tiffany and Dean Vietnamese engagement party

Tiffany and Dean had the coolest engagement party with incense, beautiful colors, and and lots of cute kids running around. Then we all had a delicious lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. Thanks Tiffany and Dean!

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Announcing KuperSkool April 16th

I am very excited to announce the KuperSkool one day workshop for wedding and portrait photographers!

Where? In South Beach SF, close to hotels and right next to the ballpark, with panoramic views of the bay.

What time? 9:30am to 8pm

What will happen? I will show you a live shoot and then walk through my editing and post production. I will also cover topics such as:

• How to stay creative and authentic
• The difference between a pretty picture and an important picture
• Business skills for artists
• Finding what marketing works for you
• Anything else you want to know (Q and A during meal time.)

The price: $600 includes a yummy lunch and dinner.

More details and directions will be sent after you register.

UPDATE: KuperSkool is sold out! If you would like to be on the mailing list for future workshops, please click here to get on the mailing list.

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Knot Magazine: Lindsey & James at the Carneros Inn

Great spread! Yay Lindsey and James! Yay Cay Lemon event planner!

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