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My Aunt Halina

I am at my Aunt's funeral in Connecticut today. I apologize for being slow in returning e-mails this week. I am gone all week, back Tuesday.

She was a wonderful person with a big heart and we all miss her very much.

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Niki & Ben in the knot!

Check out the current issue of the The Knot, it features Niki and Ben's magnificent mulitnational mulitlingual wedding at the Flood Mansion. Congrats Niki & Ben!

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Millie, Kate & Bobby!

Millie and her parents Kate and Bobby live in Dallas. They decided to come visit San Francisco and do a photo shoot while they were here! Millie has a personality as big as Texas and as colorful as San Francisco.

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India post 3 of 3

Animals everywhere!

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India post 2 of 3

Most of these photos are taken in the region of Rajasthan, in the towns of Ajmer, Pushkar, and Udaipur.

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