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Jessey and Ben at the de Young

Well, I am sorry but I am waaaaaaay behind in blogging weddings. September was my busiest month and some of the September weddings did not get blogged because it was so crazy around here.

Here are Jessey and Ben. They got married on September 8th at the de Young Museum. The portraits were done after the ceremony, when it was dark. So I took advantage of some of the neat lights and architecture they have at the de Young. This first one is my favorite.

This is why I love digital cameras, and Canon in particular. The low light color photos are just amazing. I shot this at 1600 iso, 1/100th, f 1.4. Sorry to geek out on you like that. If you don't know what all that means let's just say I'm thankful to have good equipment when the lighting conditions are difficult.

This one was with a flash, held by Ned, my trusty assistant.

This is inside a cool dome sculpture. The light changes color every few seconds. We liked red the best.

Happy wedding party.

The cool thing about the de Young is the artwork on the walls. Makes a great background.

Happy couple.

One of my favorite things about Jessey and Ben is that they love dogs as much as I do. Here they are with their dogs at their engagement session.

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Workshop with Jesh De Rox in February!

I will be a guest speaker at Jesh De Rox's workshop in Philadelphia February 5-7, 2008. It's a 3 day workshop and I'll be leading about a third of the workshop.

Click here for more info!

Giving Thanks

OK, it's a day late, but still important enough for me to post:

I really, really want to thank all my wedding clients this year. I am so lucky to have such wonderful clients.

I have the kind of clients that are delightful to work with, who trust me and give me free reign creatively, who bring me sweets and send video thank-you cards. The kind who are unstressed and fun and happy. The kind who put their creativity and their personality into their weddings, and who wear their emotions on their sleeves. Most of all-- the kind who are completely and head over heels in love with each other. I am a total romantic and it makes me all choked up to see that.

These are the kind of people that I am willing to work very hard to make happy.

I am so grateful to have all you wonderful clients that make my job so rewarding. Thanks, all of you.
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Lea and Joel at the Costanoa

Lea and Joel had a beautiful wedding at the cozy and rustic Costanoa. There was a lot of emotion at this wedding, with everybody laughing and crying, often at the same time. I love how Lea laughs!

Gorgeous floral design by Hunt Littlefield.

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Jennie and Chico showed up last week with this delicious pumpkin bread that Jennie made. And then Viola and Phillip brought candy from Thailand and Indonesia. Yum. I think my clients are trying to fatten me up!

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