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Crow, Bernal Hill, this morning.


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LowePro Primus Backpack

While we're on the subject of the environment, I wanted to share my latest discovery in camera bags: Lowepro's Eco Backpack. I don't have this yet but when my current bag wears out, I'm getting it. It is the industry's first backpack designed for the professional photographer that is made primarily from recycled materials.

$10,000 for the environment, thanks to all of you

In mid-November I put all the expired 2007 wedding galleries back online and I sent out e-mails to tell everyone they could order prints for the holidays. I also let everyone know that 100% of the proceeds (everything but sales tax and shipping) would go to my favorite organization, Environmental Defense (formerly the Environmental Defense Fund). The response was overwhelming. Total November online sales ended up being $9,741. Wow. I am rounding it up to a nice $10,000 for this year's donation. I feel very grateful to be able to run a business that not only makes people happy, not only provides a creative outlet for me, but also helps the world in a bigger sense. And I am very thankful to all of my clients for this. Thank you a million times.

Click here to find out more about Environmental Defense

I wasn't sure what photo would go with this post, so here's a wedding photo I took in Yosemite last year at Andrew and Eleanor's wedding, depicting the beautiful California Redwoods, most of which have been cut down. These trees can live to be thousands of years old.

And here's another type of photo to make you think. This was taken by Seattle photographer Chris Jordan and it depicts 60,000 plastic bags, the number used in the US every five seconds. This represents what I don't want my business to be. One thing I like about my business is that a wedding album or framed print is not disposable. You keep it forever and it becomes more and more valuable to you over time, not like most of the things we buy that become less valuable almost immediately. I don't deliver products in plastic but in cardboard and paper. Even still, my business's effect on the environment is not zero, for instance, it takes fuel to get the photos from my place to yours. I'm doing what I can to at least offset the damage, and I'd like to do more in the future.

PS In San Francisco, grocery stores are no longer allowed to use plastic bags like these, only paper bags.
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My sister in law, Suzi.

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Baby Scarlett

Four week old baby Scarlett and her parents Jordan and Brad were one of the most delightful families I've met and photographed. As you can see, everyone in this family is beautiful, including the Bengal cats. I love this first photo of Scarlett sleeping on Dad's shoulder. Welcome to the world, Scarlett!

Scarlett has this cool birthmark on her hand. They named her Scarlett before she was born, so they didn't know she would have it. Just a really interesting coincidence.

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