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Welcome to Texas

I'm in Dallas this week on staff at the Foundation Workshop 6. Here are some photos I took on my first day here. These really give me a feel of being in Texas. I'll post some photos from the workshop soon!

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The living room

Carla and I took off all the old lathe and plaster in the living room (also known as the dogs' room). We live in a 150 year old Victorian house.

The dogs are mad because they're not allowed in this room during the remodel.

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Julie and Justin engaged!


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The Boutwells: Doug, Chenin, and Murray!

Well, you all guessed right, it's the Boutwells! Doug decided to fly me down to So Cal for a photo shoot with the three of them as a Valentine's gift to Chenin. Smart guy, that Doug! This was my first time meeting Murray and I am totally in love.

Because of scheduling, I had to fly there and back all in one day. However, if you live in So Cal and would like a photo shoot, I will be in the area again March 13 through 15th. Please e-mail me at asap to get on the schedule. And take a lesson from Doug-- you don't have to be newly engaged to have some photos with your sweetie. Statistics show that married couples who regularly have their photos taken are much happier!

(OK, I made that up. But it's still a good idea.)

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Who is this?

Can you guess what famous photographer couple I photographed for Valentine's Day?

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