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Lindsey & Nic Wedding in Costa Careyes, Mexico

At the beatuiful Costa Careyes in Mexico.

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LIndsey & Nic Rehearsal Dinner at Playa Rosa, Mexico

At the beautiful Playa Rosa in Costa Careyes.

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A few details from Mexico

More from this wedding in Costa Careyes coming very soon...

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Kate & Rob at Cavallo Point

I am so happy these two ridiculously beautiful people found each other and decided to get married. And I mean beautiful on the inside as well as out. I usually see Kate at weddings, not as the bride but as the lead singer in the band Notorious Rocks. It was really great to be there on her own wedding day at Cavallo Point.

Wedding planning by the lovely and laid back Kathryn Kenna, flowers by the ingenious and inventive Lila B.

Both of their outfits by Alexander McQueen.

Me and the flower girl.

Yay, we're married! And it stopped raining!

Look, the rain stopped!

Their cute escort cards and a guest signing book that I made from their engagement shoot.

This is Jay Siegan. He represents bands for weddings and corporate events, so if you need a band for your wedding contact Jay Siegan Presents. His bands are the best!

Because it rained so much on their wedding we did a Day After shoot. What is a "Day After" shoot? It's when you get dressed up in your wedding clothes for more photos of the two of you at a much more leisurely pace. It doesn't have to be the day after the wedding but maybe a month after, and then we take some more photos of you looking fabulous. The wonderful thing about a day after shoot is that we can go more places, that we didn't go on your wedding day (in this case, the beach). Maybe you're getting married in Napa but you want photos in San Francisco? Day After shoot!

Some people call this "Trash the Dress" but I don't like the word "trash" in the context of weddings. What it really means is that you don't mind if the hem gets a little dirty and we can run around on the beach barefoot if you like.

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Workshops for photographers

I am happy to announce I am teaching a Kuperskool workshop April 12-13 in San Francisco with the genius Huy Nguyen. Check out the new website by Infinet Design and let me know what you think.

Also I am teaching a workshop in Poland on March 20, hosted by my friends Dorota and Michal at Whitesmoke studio. It's just in a couple of weeks but I think there are some spots left!

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