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A family of doves on the maple tree in front of our house-- mother, father, and baby. I learned from Wikipedia that doves only hatch one or two chicks at a time, and both parents take turns feeding the baby.

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Jennifer and Casey at the Brazilian Room

In her toast, Jennifer said that she hadn't actually wanted a wedding. Bur she is very close to her dad, and her dad had said, "Don't I get to walk my only daughter down the aisle?" So she decided to have a wedding after all, small and simple at a cozy place in the woods very close to their house in North Berkeley. She and Casey just wanted a nice intimate afternoon with their favorite people. Oh, and a tandem bicycle.

Here is Jennifer about to walk down the aisle with her dad.

Here is adorable Sahana, one of Miki and Chris's kids.

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KuperSkool photos: Lily and Michael!

KuperSkool was a great success! We had some very talented and thoughtful students. Thanks to Lily and Michael for coming in to model. Lily is pregnant with twins and just starting to show. They also brought their charming dog Frankie, who is eye-rolling adorable.

If you're a photographer interested in future KuperSkool workshops, please click here.

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Joycelyn and Sean Engaged!

They really like wine! They also really like each other, as you can tell.

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Tiffanie and Mark married

Tiffanie and Mark had a lovely, small, mid-week wedding at the Carneros Inn. Just a few family and friends attended. I love small weddings like this, because they tend to be very emotional. I especially love the interactions between Tiffanie and her mom, and of course between Tiffanie and Mark.

A portrait of the handsome groom by my assistant, Beth.

Tiffanie's mom Nancie and her girlfriend, Rosalba.

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