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Ellen and Carlin married!

Ellen and Carlin had a dreamy pink and white wedding at one of my favorite places, the Meadowood in Napa.

I love this photo of the hairdresser's make up box because it reminds us how important family photos are.

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Rob Snavely

Rob is a local wedding photographer who was recently stricken with a severe case of encephalitis. He has been in the hospital for a couple of months now, and is leaving today. Yesterday I went to visit him at Laguna Honda Hospital. His girlfriend Julie and his dog Utah were there too.

Some of us have volunteered to take over Rob's remaining 2008 clients so that he can have income during this time. Although he is leaving the hospital, he is still not able to work and doesn't remember much of his former life. Rob is a great guy, and he smiles a lot.

Rob, I hope you are reading this blog and I am so happy you get to go home now. It was fun hanging out with you. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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Brooke and Neil Engaged!

Brooke and Neil live in Half Moon Bay, so we did their engagement photos on the beach there. I love the fog. They ordered these four photos as a 20x30 canvases, which will hang in a grid. They also have a place in Chicago, so these will hang in the Chicago house. I hope they send me a photo of their wall once the canvases are up!

Here are two other photos that I really liked!

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Dev and Sam engaged!

Dev and Sam will be getting married in Yosemite next month!

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Baby Belugah Whale at the Vancouver Aquarium

On Tuesday, June 10th:

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