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Lily and Michael engaged!

I love to do engagement shoots in client's homes. It's always relaxed and cozy, and shows who they are.

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Just got back from a mini vacation in Cambria. Very peaceful and quiet. You can also see a mini movie of a sunset with birds here.

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Mel and Andre married!

This is the wedding I shot for Rob Snavely, the photographer who was hospitalized with encephalitis earlier this year. I feel very lucky that I got to meet Mel and Andre! They had a beautiful wedding and their families were so loving and wonderful.

Here is the happy bride!

A light from above (the limo sunroof).

I love these men's traditional Filipino shirts because they look great when lit from the back.

Traditionally there is a Filipino money dance but instead they did a money walk.

Grooms are always wearing sunglasses!

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Carleigh and Josh Engaged!

Carleigh and Josh like to ride their bicycles.

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Eeshin and Frank engaged


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