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Emily + Andy 4th of July wedding

Emily and Andy's July 4th wedding, complete with sparklers!

Venue: Vine Hill House in Sepastopol
Flowers: Julie Stevens Design
Dress: Atelier Des Modistes
Catering: Elaine Bell
Hair: The Powder Room

Emily and Andy did most of the details themselves, and Emily's sister who is an artist made the white chuppa full of circles.

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Little Pink Shoe

I'll post more of Emily and Andy's wedding really soon... but first, here's a little pink shoe.

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Lena's family!

Lena Hyde and her boys... one of my favorite families in the world.

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Baby Vanessa

Here are Vanessa, her parents, and her cats!

ETA: I got so many comments on the cat in the toilet photo. Guess what the client ordered? One 30x40 of the baby and one 20x30 of the cat in the toilet. My clients have excellent taste.

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Christa & Seth engaged

I love my clients! Because they want to do things like... get dressed up and sneak onto a construction site.

Christa and Seth will be getting married in October at the Ventana Inn. I can't wait!

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