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Dog Photo of the Week: Johnnie

This is what I love about Johnnie. He's a REAL DOG.

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The bathroom is painted!

So here is the finished paint job. I am very happy with how it came out. The antique sink used to be in the right corner but we had to take it out to get it re-enameled. Hopefully we'll have it back soon!

Here is the hallway view. I really like how the yellow and blue look together. Also this photo shows the pink transom (the glass thing above the door) that was made by one of my clients, Bryan Northup. You can see more of his beautiful work here.

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Answers to your questions

To Miz Booshay: I'm sorry I didn't get to your questions the first time. Many people have asked me the same questions so I will answer them here. First of all, yes I have been interviewed, most recently in WPJA's Wedpix. I will also be in the next issue of Design Aglow which will be released very soon.

My equipment: two Canon 5Ds and one 30D. Canon lenses: 24mm 1.4, 85mm 1.2, 50mm 2.5 macro, 50mm 1.4, 80-200mm 2.8 IS, and I am phasing out my other two zooms: the 24-70 2.8 and the 16-35mm 2.8. I am finding that zoom lenses get soft over time (if you drop them enough, ha). Especially at the wide end.

A tip: As Lance Armstrong would say, "It's not about the bike." While camera equipment is as interesting as it is expensive, I know for certain that a new lens does not make you a better photographer. The best short piece of advice I can give is: take lots of photos. In addition to that, look at a lot of photos. In addition to that, I can say much much more on the subject but I would run out of space on this blog, and who wants to read a bunch of text about photography? I do teach workshops occasionally. The next one will be in February 2008 with my buddy Jesh de Rox in the Philadelphia area. Drop me an e-mail at to be placed on my mailing list for workshops.

In the meantime, feel free to post more questions in the comments section below. I will answer them this week.

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The Importance of family photos

That photo of myself as a baby got me thinking about how important family photos are, and how lucky I am that I have the job that I have. I wanted to share my thoughts with you:

1. That photo, and the others from my childhood, are *the* most valuable non-living things in my house. They are the first things that I would rescue in case of fire.

2. It's a great photo, but I wish we'd had a professional take our photo. The kind of service that exists now just didn't exist then-- we only had those tacky studio photos with ugly backdrops. Now there is much more talent in portrait and wedding photography. A professional photographer comes to your house and takes photos of you with your kids the way you really interact. I wish we'd had that back then.

3. My mom isn't in the photo. She wasn't in a lot of photos because she was TAKING all the photos. Again, if we'd had a professional come over I could have more photos with all of us in them. I also just want to see more photos of mom and dad together, when they were my age.

4. We lost the negative. I posted a scan from a print. Now, with digital you can have a zillion copies of the "negative" for safe keeping, each as sharp as the first. And you can have a backup outside of your house (as you know I am scared of fires).

With all that in mind, here is my latest shoot. This is Heather and Josh and their kids Henry and Jasper. Two of the cutest boys you'll ever see.

I love this first photo of everyone together:

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Just silly


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