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Michelle and Scott at the Asian Art Museum

The best part of this wedding was when Scott sang a BIlly Joel song to Michelle during the reception. I included it as the music on the slideshow. He really has a great voice! And they are both so cute.

They didn't want to cut the cake, so all the bridesmaids got together and did it for them. They even fed each other. Ha!

Here is a great photo taken by my assistant, Beth!

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Julie and Jared Engaged!

Horses, taxis, wine, and a barn.

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Iris and Travis engaged!

Iris, Travis, and their Sheba Inu, Jayda.

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Rebecca and Klinton

Rebecca and Klinton got married at the St. Francis Winery. Rebecca is one of the most beautiful and expressive brides ever. She could be an actress. (In real life she's a lawyer, same thing right?) Klinton simply adores her. He is solid, down to earth, and very kind.

ETA: Klinton writes "OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Anna the pictures are AMAZING. They've left me speechless and as you know, I like to talk. We can't wait to see the rest. Also, the picture show/video at the bottom is just wonderful. You're the absolute best. It's like reliving our wedding day, but this time, through the eyes of an artist."

Rebecca got a little emotional during the ceremony. I loved Klinton's white jacket because it reflected the sun back onto Rebecca's face. Look at her blue eyes.

85mm lens, 1.2

The groom's mother Karen was so nice.

Here is Karen with her cousin, who happens to be one of my teachers from grad school at SFAI. What a surprise to see him there!

Here are two of my favorite photos from the engagement session.

And their movie!

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This was at Rebecca and Klinton's wedding. More to come soon!

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