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Mariko & Tomoyuki Wedding at the Calistoga Ranch

Remember Mariko and Tomoyuki's engagement? Well here are a few photos from their sweet wedding at the woodsy Calistoga Ranch. They had a lovely, serene wedding. No dancing or band, just a nice delicious dinner with family and friends. Almost everyone there was Japanese, many came straight from Japan and did not speak English. I'm happy that their first impression of the US was a beautiful place like this!

ETA: Mariko says:

"I saw the pictures on your blog. They all look amazing. Can't wait to see the rest of them.

Two years ago, I saw Pixar's "CARS" and got inspired by it, took a road trip down to LA. That's how I met Tomo.

When I saw the picture of a little boy playing with two toy cars, I was so surprised by the coincidence and remembered the day I met Tomo.

That is the picture I will keep forever and tell my children and grand children, how it all began.

Thank you so much, Anna. You are amazing."

[To fill you in, Tomo is an animator]

Great detail by my assistant, Nancy.

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