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Emily & Andy responses

A lot of responses poured in from Emily and Andy's friends after they saw their photos. I get really overwhelmed when I get responses like this, so I thought I'd share some with you. This is the most rewarding part of my job.

Here is Emily's response (from the Yelp review she wrote):
I feel so incredibly lucky to have had Anna Kuperberg shoot my wedding! I just saw the pictures for the first time last night and I was BLOWN AWAY. Anna is so unbelievably talented--when you work with her, you're not just hiring a wedding photographer, you're commissioning an artist.
So many of my friends have told me that their one regret about their wedding was not hiring a better photographer, because once the party is over, what you have left is your photos. Hiring Anna was the best decision we made. She captured all the magic and emotion of our wedding, and we'll have that record forever.

Emily's friend Michael:
AMAZING photos!!
I wish Jamie and I had known about Anna when we got married.

Andy's Mom (she's in the photo below, with Andy's dad walking Andy down the aisle):
"These are so wonderful. They bring back all the feelings. They convey
so much emotion, which is rare in wedding photos. Truly special. She
did a phenomenal job."

Emily's Dad (in the last photo, shaking hands with Andy):
These frames are joyful, brilliantly composed... works of art! Somehow Anna has captured the warmth, love, and happiness on the face of every guest.

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