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A nice e-mail


This just came in from Nicole McArthur, the daughter of the cattle rancher I just posted about last week. I love e-mails like this.

"Thank you again for the blog about my dad and his cows. I wish I could find the words to appropriately express how much your images and video means to me and my family. Somehow, you managed to summarize his 66 years of life and experience in a 4 minute video... and it is perfect. Absolutely perfect. When I first contacted you about this project, I had a loose idea in mind of what I wanted. You took that and produced something so much more than what I had envisioned. I expected you to create something amazing... and what you gave us is beyond that. It is amazing to the Nth degree. I know that people have said this about you before, but in case you aren't aware, you are a true genius. And I can't possibly thank you enough for your amazing gift."

Nicole shot this photo of me working. I seem to be collecting pictures of myself with livestock.

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