Liz Garcia, bride

'Like' does not begin to describe how we feel about your photos of our wedding. We threw caution or etiquette to the wind and demanded all our loved ones look at the blog with the same urgency that WE pore over the blog, and once again, your work is the exception to the rule that wedding photography is only interesting to the bride and groom. EVERYONE has said that these are the most beautiful wedding photos they've ever seen. They absolutely bring us back to the joy and the heart-soaring, heart-pounding feeling of that profound day. And after admiring your distinctive style for all these months, it's also an incredible gift to find our faces, and the faces of our loved ones translated through your lens. It's like suddenly being a character in a Scorsese film or something -- just an incredible honor to be the subject of your work.  
Carneros Inn, Sonoma

From the father of the bride

[ written to the bride ] 
It's sundown, and I'm sitting here alone, looking at the photos again, and tears of joy are rolling down my cheeks. These frames are joyful, brilliantly composed... works of art! The love and tenderness that you two feel for each other could not be more apparent. Somehow Anna has captured the warmth, love, and happiness on the face of every guest. She has also captured those brief and rare moments... when the four of us display the deep unspoken love that we feel for one another.  

Caroline Smetana, bride

Thank you so much for all of these. Really, I could never adequately 
express just how grateful I am that we were fortunate enough to have you photograph our wedding. Going through the pictures brings back such joyful and moving moments for me. There is no more amazing gift. 
When I look back through the photos I can easily see how much we were both radiating happiness. What I didn't anticipate, was that you were also able to capture emotions I couldn't even articulate at the time.  
Beaulieu Vineyards, Napa

Meredith Lantz, Bride

Wow. Wow. Wow. These are a million times above and beyond what we ever could have hoped for. You don't just capture faces; you capture moments, souls, and memories. Your photos reflect the joy, relaxed attitude, gratitude and sheer happiness that we felt on our wedding day. Thank you Anna. You are incredible.  
Barn Diva, Healdsburg

Linda Goldenstern, Mother of the bride

Thank you, Anna. You captured every emotion with clarity, warmth and an amazing artistic eye. I laughed and cried for two hours as I relived their event. We're a fortunate, grateful group of family and friends. Thanks for painting that picture beautifully. 

Sam Truslow, Dad

We kept the opening [of the album] until tonight as a treat. We are just speechless with the images. They are extraordinary, and we love, love, love them. 
We cannot thank you enough, 
Have a glorious holiday, 
Sam and Kate

Caeli Higney, bride

These are stunning. Not only did you take breathtakingly beautiful images, but you also did an amazing job of capturing the emotion of the evening in your photos. The whole time I was clicking through the gallery I had a giant smile on my face, completely transported back to joy of that day. I almost feel like my mind's eye, the memories I hold with me, have been pressed onto our wedding album. I can't thank you enough.  
Mayacamas Ranch, Calistoga

Katie, mother of newborn Maya

Dear Anna, 
We received the album yesterday. It's gorgeous. I think second only to Maya herself, it might be our most cherished belonging :) 
All the best, 
San Francisco

Kate Elsley, bride

We love it! Thank you!!! We looked at it once before dinner and then once again after. I almost cried at one point in the first go round. I am blown away by how large and beautiful and amazing the shots are. We are both so pleased!! 
Thank you, thank you. 
San Francisco